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Re-Elect Marshall Orson on May 22nd

Marshall Orson for DeKalb Schools

A Better Board. Better Schools.

DeKalb School Board District 2

Endorsed by the National Association of Realtors

Promises made. Promises Kept.

Five Years of Progress:

Together, we are doing better

for our children and DeKalb.

Re-elect Marshall Orson May 22nd.

During his five years on the DeKalb Board of Education, Marshall has led the way in transforming the DeKalb County School District. Marshall worked to bring our school district out of the disarray left by the former board—the system was on probation, with a multimillion dollar deficit and the Governor was in the midst of removing six of the Board’s members. DeKalb is now fully accredited with a multimillion dollar surplus and improvements in every part of the District. We have an opportunity to continue this progress by re-electing Marshall on May 22nd.

We have an opportunity to continue this 

progress by re-electing Marshall Orson.  

When Marshall first joined the Board five years ago, DeKalb County School District was a system in crisis—on probation by SACS with a multi-million dollar deficit and the Governor in the midst of removing six then current members of the Board. We have a come a long way in these five years.

Early Voting for the May 22nd election will begin in April.

Here is just a sample of the promises we made and the promises we kept.

Promises Made.

Promises Kept.

Restore accreditation

DeKalb Fully Accredited until 2022.

Eliminate the deficit.

Budget surplus is now $120 million.

Reduce outrageous legal fees. 

Settled major lawsuit, received millions in settlement, reduced overall legal costs.

Restore teacher/staff pay.

 Provided multiple increases and eliminated all furlough days.

Turn system around.

Dramatically reduced number of schools on state takeover list.

Improve outcomes for children.

Increased test scores and graduation rate.

Hire long-term Superintendent of Schools.

Hired world class Superintendent: Dr. R. Stephen Green.  

We accomplished all the foregoing while reducing the millage rate for four straight years. No other school district in Georgia accomplished as much as DeKalb while also recognizing that taxpayers, who were asked to sacrifice during the lean times, deserved relief as the economy improved.

The board meetings now have an air of civility, but most importantly, the people have strong confidence in the DeKalb County School Board and our ability to guide the School District forward.

We still have much to do! We must stay focused on our primary mission - to ensure that all DeKalb children have the opportunity to obtain a high quality education. Even for those who do not live in the county, DeKalb's position as the third largest school system in Georgia and an integral part of metro Atlanta means that its success is critical to all, and any failure poses a risk to the entire metro area. We are moving forward--we cannot afford to move back.

Recently, my colleagues unanimously elected me Vice Chair of the Board. I believe they recognize my commitment to serve all children in DeKalb and to forge consensus and solutions that serve this goal. Yet, challenges remain. We understand that improvements in how we operate must continue. We realize that the status quo is not acceptable. We know we must implement reforms at our lowest performing schools while increasing opportunities for all DeKalb students.

Present day threats to the stability of DCSD are posed by current, proposed and potential annexations by the cities of Atlanta and Decatur. These encroachments pose the single largest risk to the ability of DCSD to serve the children of DeKalb. I have been the leader on the Board and for the District in fighting the impact of these annexations and for creating a legislative solution to separate municipal annexations from school issues. We are in the middle of these battles. I am committed to fighting to ensure the integrity and stability of DeKalb.

Help Us Continue to Move Forward.

I have worked to ensure that all children in DeKalb have the opportunity to receive the highest quality education and the opportunity to realize the highest level of achievement possible while pushing for accountability, innovation and transparency. I hope I have earned your trust and ask you for your support in this upcoming election. I would be honored to continue to serve you and the children of DeKalb. The risks are great and the stakes are high but the opportunities for our children also are limitless.

We have to gear up quickly since the election is on May 22nd, less than three months from now. We will need your help — your time, your voice, your financial support, and your vote. Your support will be deeply appreciated, not just by me, but by all who share our commitment to the highest standards in public education and school system governance.

I hope you will take a few moments to look around the website, and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


Marshall D. Orson

[email protected]

Hear more from Marshall in this video prepared by It's for Them DeKalb. 

Marshall Orson - District 2

Marshall Orson's bio: Marshall was elected in July 2012, defeating the incumbent with 62% of the vote. He took office in January 2013 and has been a leader for reform of the Board and the school sy...